GigaSwitch V3 Installation Examples


Installation in Cable Duct

Installation in Cable duct


Installation in Floor Box

Installation in Floor Box

Desktop integrated mounting



Desktop integrated mounting


• No length limitation of 90 meters (fiber optic allows distances of several kilometers)

• Additional usable space on each floor (no floor distributor required)

• Low cable volume and fire loading

• Future-proof Fiber Optic Cabling with high bandwidth reserve

• Simple and flexible cabling layout

• No grounding and earthing problematic

• Large bandwidth per user/port

• Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

• Simple redundancy concepts

Cost effectiveness --> Save 30 % and more !

Costs for the network / Economic Life
Due to the medium „fiber“, Fiber To The Office infrastructures mean future proof networks and the highest investment protection. Compared to a traditional copper cabling, the acquisition and installation costs are significantly lower. Fiberbased infrastructures with a real lifetime of more than 25 years are not uncommon.

Service costs for the network
Thanks to the centralized structure of FTTO and since the floor distributors are unnecessary, the service of the network is greatly simplified and the service costs are strongly minimized. The service costs for the attendance and maintenance of air-conditioning, fire protection, uninterruptible power supplies etc. on the floors can be fully saved.

Fiber optic infrastructures have become easy and economically priced

Since the floor distributors are unnecessary on fiber optic networks, their planning and installation are simply, cost-effective and flexible.

Moreover, in the last few years, the prices for fiber based active and passive systems and the installation costs have been significantly decreasing. At the same time, the performance of the systems has been significantly increasing.

Fiber optic technology has become very established

Fiber optic systems in LAN infrastructures are now standard. The technology has proven successful in practical operation
and provides maximum operating reliability and future-proof investment.

The planning and installation of such fiber infrastructures can be achieved by almost all contractors.

Intelligent cabling solutions with low complexity and high redundancy

Through the use of new cable technologies the complexity of the infrastructure can be minimized even further. Simultaneously redundancy can also be created and increases network availability.

Wall- and Ceiling mounting


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