Indoor distribution box DB

Splicing and patching functions. Capacity up to 12 connectors. Fully compatible with micro-ducts. Uncut micro-ducts and microcables in mid-span access. IP 30
Compactness, flexibility

Poperty Area Node img5

Cables Solutions

Fiber løsning
Signal-Tele-Data-Alarm-Fiber/Telekom forbindelses komponenter
  • Optical splicing and routing systems :Specific solutions for optimized optical fibre routing
  • Optical distribution structure : A modular interconnection system designed to provide a flexible range of customized solutions for specific requirement
  • Network management tool : the intelligent management of infrastructures and wiring
  • Splice protection system : A complete product range for the interconnection of OSP fibre optic cables.
  • L.I.N.X. : The know-how of a leader in splice protection system combined with Nexans'experience in cables
  • Subscriber solutions : the Nexans'solution for optical fibre deployment at subscriber premises
  • A range of fibre optic cables : solutions that are pre-assembled, tested and guaranteed
  • Cable retention and fan-out devices : know-how in interconnection systems
  • To...