RJ45 and GG45 connectors

the small RJ45 is a standard developed for under 250 MHz, while Nexans GC45 handles over 600 MHz required for TV. Both are universal connectors for home networking.

Compact, backward compatible, very easy to install.

Cables Solutions

Kategori 6/6A
Signal-Tele-Data-Alarm-Fiber/LAN kabelsystemer/Kobber

LANmark-6 is considered the best horizontal solution for most enterprise requirements by combining high performance for today, room for growth tomorrow, and high reliability and efficiency. The range of systems include 10Gigabit solutions offering bandwidth up to 500MHz with extensive headroom on channel performance. Recommended uses:

  • Typical 5-10 year building life
  • Typical enterprise applications - Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10Gigabit varients for high data environments and datacentres
  • Where reliability is considered vital for business
  • Typical office or indoor light industrial environments
Kategori 5e
Signal-Tele-Data-Alarm-Fiber/LAN kabelsystemer/Kobber

Nexans offer a choice of Category 5e ranges:

Full System Offer

- Cat 5e system based on snap-in format connectivity
- Cat 5e system based on 808 style connectivity. 

All complete systems offer a comprehensive Certified System Parts & LABOUR Warranty.

Component based solution 

Essential - component based 'economy without compromise'

  • cost effective solution for basic installations
  • instant downloadable Nexans Link Certificate.
Kategori 7/7A
Signal-Tele-Data-Alarm-Fiber/LAN kabelsystemer/Kobber

LANmark-7 is the highest performance standards compliant, copper solution available in the market.  This Category 7/Class F solution provides backwards compatible performance beyond 600MHz and features the revolutionary "2-in-1" GG45 connector. The LANmark-7 system provides guaranteed support for the future 10GBase-T Ethernet application over the full 100m channel.

Recommended uses:

  • Very long lifetime needs (>15years)
  • Composite analogue & high speed digital data
  • Multiple service applications (voice, data, video using different pairs in the same cable)
  • Very high electromagnetic noise environments
  • Installations where the relacement cost is very high (e.g. ships etc)