• harnessesBecause solar plant expansion has given rise to a massive rollout, it is essential to reduce installation time while reducing the risk of failure during routine operations.
  • In areas with high labor costs, the provision of factory-fitted and tested harnesses for LV-DC cables has proven to be a cost-efficient solution.
  • To ensure highest quality, the crimping process is fully compliant with IEC 603252,

Nexans harness services include appropriate packaging and just-in-time delivery onsite.

Cables Solutions

KEYLIOS® Photovoltaic Harness
Elinstallation/Installationskabler /Solcellekabler
Nexans designs, produces and installs complete Harnesses for the Photovoltaic Farm.
From your Detailed Engineering, technical file, Nexans can edit Bill of Material converting the PV LV-DC cabling into Harness covering both:
  • the PV LV-DC String Harness
  • The PV LV-DC Backbone Harness