LAN styring af intelligent infrastruktur

For datacentre og bygningsapplikationer giver Nexans LANsense IIM større synlighed af lokalnet via automatisk mapping, lokalisering, rapportering og alarmering ved enhver hændelse.


HSBC’s London hovedkvarter; Incheon Airport (Korea)

Cables Solutions

Intelligent Infrastructure Management
Signal-Tele-Data-Alarm-Fiber/LAN kabelsystemer

LANsense is Nexans Automated Physical layer documentation and Management solution. It is an internet-enabled hardware and software package which can automatically discover and monitor network connectivity in real-time, to ensure network connections are secure and that connectivity documentation is always 100% accurate. LANsense is vendor independent and can be retro-fitted to existing systems.


Why LANsense?

  • Guarantees 100% accurate up to date documentation of physical layer.
  • Improves network utilization and enables accurate network capacity planning.
  • Provides a virtual view of organizations network.
  • Manages the connectivity of Moves, Adds, and Changes.
  • Reduces operational and maintenance cost and help improve the efficiency of your organization.
  • Improves security and Integrity of network.


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